The other night on my cozy spot on the couch I made these multicoloured pom poms in front of Shrek Forever After (my daughter's choice of movie for movie night). I was so tired from the work day, but I really wasn't in a movie mood. Plus, I'm a huge multitasker, so I brought up all my tools and supplies and crafted away. I wasn't even sure what I was making them for, but I liked mixing up the different yarns and the colours kind of had me thinking of Fall.

Fall is my favourite season, but that being said I am so not ready for it! Now as a working mom, I feel this summer is flying by more faster than ever.

I love the colours though, and each pom was made using four different yarns (all 100% acrylic). I used a 2 1/8" pom pom maker, and if you don't have one yet, they are addictive! In fact, some of your favourite pom projects using my trusty makers have included my pom gift wrap, rainbow art, and multicoloured magnets.

I promised my soon to be 5-year-old that she could have these when mommy was done with the photos. I could see her eyeing them...

What are some of the things that you like to do to relax? That night I just need some yarn and a pom pom maker, and the rest was good from there.

Happy crafting, friends.

#Kids #PomPoms #Yarn


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