After my last post, I have rainbows on my mind. It's also my way of wishing that Spring would just come already. A little rain and mild weather this week put me in the spirits, and now I'm wishing for more!

But as we wait, today's pom pom rainbow project was worth every minute (or about 2 hours if you can spare it!) I love the way it turned out, and it's also a piece that can hang up well beyond springtime and then some!



Make all the pom poms first according to the instructions (this part takes the longest). Use the smaller of the two pom pom makers to create poms in the rainbow colours: 9 pink, 7 yellow, 5 green, 3 blue, and 1 purple. Use the larger maker to make 6 white poms to form the clouds. Note: you can increase the overall size of the rainbow by using larger pom pom makers. Then give yourself more time.

Glue the pom poms to the cardboard piece, starting with the purple pom pom in the centre and working your way out. Do this by adding the glue to the cardboard rather than the pom pom. Squish them tightly together so that there's no gaps between the poms. After all the poms are secured in the pattern shown, use scissors strong enough to cut through cardboard to cut around the poms and create the shape of the rainbow.

I hung mine with tape (for now). It's light enough and holds well, which is perfect for temporary locations.

But my 4-year-old just called dibs on this rainbow. I guess I know where it's going!

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