A holiday presents every opportunity to give a gift, and to wrap it darn pretty too! For this project, I pulled out some party materials, fringe scissors, and a few craft supplies to create Valentine-inspired gift wrap.

I worked with crepe paper streamers to give the presents a fringe look. My American Crafts fringe scissors are the perfect tool to work with for this project. Then I gathered other supplies such as letter stickers (like these Heidi Swapp ones), a heart punch, and card stock. After the gifts are wrapped, the fun really begins!

The benefit of using fringe scissors is that it saves you a little time by cutting multiple lines at once. Crepe paper is easy to cut, and since it's stretchy, you can pull the bands right around the gifts with no problem. Tape them with clear tape to the back of the presents.

Punch out a bunch of hearts and use double-sided tape to stick them to the gift (as shown above). Or, make them pop out by using foam dots (like I did for the gift below).

Basically, have fun with layering different coloured crepe paper. I really like how the gold letters pop against the pink!

Or the red ;)

Happy crafting!

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