There is something so sophisticated about these hearts that while the colours are playful for children to wear, adults can so pull off this look too (in fact, I've been wearing the blue earrings all weekend!)

The hearts themselves were a package of 16 adhesive gemstones in four colours that I picked up a while ago from Hobby Lobby. But of instead of using them for scrapbooking as they were original intended, I decided on some new accessory pieces!

The barrettes were made with my daughter in mind, but the earrings are so fun that I like wearing them too. Read on to learn how to make them.



Remove the hearts you'll use from the package and then carefully remove the adhesive backing on each one. If you do it too quickly, the backing on the hearts will peel off too. Then gather the rest of the materials.

Add a drop of glue, with the temperature set to high, to the flat post earring and attach it like so. Let it dry a few minutes before using. Do the same with the barrettes, starting from the bottom (purple) heart, and making your way to the top, gluing one heart at a time. Let the barrettes dry for a few minutes, and then they are good to wear!

Total time: about 5 minutes per set of earrings, and 5 minutes per barrette.

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