This year for my Christmas outfit, I didn't get myself a new sweater, but I do now have some fancy gold snowflake earrings to wear!

The snowflakes themselves were purchased already that way (in fact, you may recall seeing them before in photos like this one HERE). They are meant to be used as ornaments, and originally came with some fishing wire. Therefore, this project is as easy as it gets. With only a pair of needle nose pliers, I was able to create a pair of festive earrings to complete my ensemble for Christmas!



Very simply, use the pliers to open the hook, and slip it through the hole at the top of the snowflake after removing the fishing wire. Then close the hole with the pliers. Repeat for earring #2.

Done in 2 minutes!

You can also apply this technique to other ornaments, as long as they have a loop or sturdy cap on top.

I hope you enjoyed this project today, friends! Will you be making earrings to wear for Christmas?

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