Hello, friends! As promised, I'm here today to show you some ways I'm wrapping my gifts this year for the holidays. Every year I like to try something new, bring back something old, but overall have fun with it all using the materials and tools from my craft room. So let's get started!




1. Festive paper rosettes:

I like this project because you can really have fun with paper by choosing designs that either pop out at you or mix well with your gift wrap. Lightweight, medium weight, or card stock - either one will work - to make these rosettes. You can purchase holiday paper pads right HERE or at craft stores. Make it: To make a rosette, follow the steps in this post. Small rosettes, like the one on top of this gift, will require an 18" x 2" strip (so if you're using a 12" x 12" sheet of paper, cut two strips at 2" wide and cut one in half). However, before scoring the paper strips, use an edger punch like the confetti one that I used HERE, and punch the design along one side of the paper. Attach completed rosette by inserting the jute through the holes and tying to the bottom of the gift.

2. Letters and ribbon:

I send a lot of gifts by mail and carry others in huge tote bags from place to place, so sometimes I worry about pretty gift toppers getting crushed. But here's a "flat" idea that is still so pretty! Adhesive or scrapbook letters come in so many different colours and fonts, and I really like these gold glitter ones by Heidi Swapp for American Crafts. Make it: Simply spell out the name of the person receiving the gifts. Add layers with pretty ribbons.

3. Large tinsel:

Large tinsel (the kind that's about 2 1/2" thick) makes the cutest gift topper! Especially this multi-coloured kind (which I found at Walmart by the way!) If you still hold on to memories of growing up with those 3D foil decorations that hung from the ceilings and fat tinsel wrapped around the Christmas tree (the good old days!), then you'll be taking a trip down memory lane when creating this project. Make it: To make a round ball of tinsel, cut about 18" of tinsel and make two loose knots (if you pull too tightly, the tinsel will pull apart). Adhere to the gift with a heavy duty double-sided tape (such as this kind).

4. Thin tinsel:

There's also thin tinsel (about 1" thick), and to make that into a ball you'll need a longer piece. Make it: Cut about 2' of this tinsel and keep tying knots until it forms the shape of a ball. I added a bow to this gift which I glued down with a hot glue gun first before applying the tinsel ball with the same heavy duty tape.

5. Paper lights garland:

I shared this project with you earlier this month, and I decided to use the string lights for gifts rather than hang them. Besides, they take no time at all to make that I can whip them up quickly again if I wish. Make it: Make the lights following this post HERE. Then use a hot glue gun to attach the lights to the twine on this box. Add just a dot of glue to the silver tops. That way, once removed, the person receiving the gift can use the garland again as decoration!

6. Stamps and pom poms:

You can have fun with this project coordinating colours, and the poms can be reused as ornaments for a tree! Make it: Use different coloured stamp pads and a rubber stamp (mine says "NO PEEKING until Dec. 25th") to create this colourful gift wrap using solid white paper. Amazon sells a whole bunch of festive stamps right HERE. Then create the poms in three different sizes using pom pom makers, making sure to leave a couple of long pieces to tie them to the centre of the gift.


P I N M E !


How far are you in your gift wrapping? If you're just getting started, then I hope I've inspired you to try some of these creative ideas here today.

Happy crafting, friends!

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