Every year I do a post of last minute stocking stuffers for the crafter or DIYer, and I have to make sure I don't title it the same as before. So this year I'm sharing stuffer ideas for the creative maker! It's all the same, right?

You may notice some of this year's hottest fads in my selections (the unicorn, cactus, etc.), and there are some picks that are totally worth every cent (the scissors, and foil sheets; what a great deal for those sheets!) So if you know someone who is a crafter, DIYer, or creative maker who's also on top of the latest popular fads, I think they will be sure to love and use all of the items in this list!

Unicorn tape dispenser / Titanium stainless steel professional sewing shears / Cactus desktop holder / Magnetic marble 100 pcs. paper clips holder / Meri Meri large canvas pouch / Gold, rose gold, and silver 300 pcs. foil sheets / Create Your Own Magic 16 oz. tumbler /