Sometimes the simplest projects are the best ones, and I have to say that this phrase is correct in describing today's project. How cute are these paper string lights?! If you don't believe how easy they are to make (and that you do not need a cutting machine for this one), follow the steps below to find out.



1. Punch a circle on the glitter paper, then insert it into the craft punch again to create the shape of a pointed ellipse as shown.

2. Round off the pointed corners with scissors.

3. Trim a 1/2" strip of silver paper, and cut small squares out of it.

4. Dab a small amount of hot glue on the tip of the "bulb", and adhere one of the squares to complete the light.

If you wish to leave the bulbs as is, you may, but to create the garland, dab more hot glue to the back of each of the silver tops, and attach to the twine or ribbon of your choice.

I chose a mix of fun, vibrant glitter papers, but you can do this project with traditional colours if that's what you like. You can then hang the garland if you wish, or wrap it around a gift as I did. Plain paper, like this pink version, makes the string lights really pop!

I hope you enjoyed this project today, friends. Thanks for taking a look!

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