You, my friends, have loved my washi tape envelope flaps project so much (this one HERE), that I thought I would imitate it for this season with some fun holiday tape.

If you enjoy mailing out letters or cards during the holiday season, then you might find this simple project well worth your time. It's that extra touch of surprise that will make your mailings unforgettable. For directions on this project, click on the old post HERE.

What I did differently though is add some glitter tape to this bunch. Glitter is my favourite thing around the holiday season, especially if it's not too messy. And this glitter tape is no mess at all (how many times have you opened a card to find the glitter fall into your lap?)

In fact, I've stocked this glitter tape in my shop in all the colours you see here: gold, red, silver, and blue!

To shop my glitter tape, click HERE. I don't know about you, but in my experience finding individual glitter tape is nearly impossible, but now you have some options because each one is sold separately!

The tape can be used for so many other projects as well. Take a look at all my washi tape crafts for some ideas. I think they would also make cute stocking stuffers.

Thanks all for taking a look at today, and for making this blog possible with your support thru my shop. Happy crafting!

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