As I'm typing this post, I am only about 10% done my Christmas shopping. At this point in the year, years ago I would have almost been done all my shopping besides a few stocking gifts, and almost all wrapped as well. Yikes, what happened?!

Whether you're in the buying or wrapping stages though, be sure to bookmark this fun and easy craft because it's too cute and easy to make, and I think both kids and adults will adore it!



1. Punch the tag shape out with the Recollections punch (or your version), then use the small hole punch to make a hole at the top.

2. Use the Fiskars hand punch to make a 1/4" hole on the silver paper. Then cut a square around it. This will become the buckle.

3. Trim a 1/4" strip of black paper that's longer than the width of the tag. This will become the belt.

4. Insert the belt strip thru the silver buckle, turn over, and apply double-sided tape.

5. Adhere the belt to the tag, and cut off the extra piece.

6. Finish the suit off with a couple of rhinestones.

Wrap with desired twine or ribbon! (Mine is Sugar Paper from Target.)

Aren't they cute, though? I hope you enjoyed today's project, friends. Be sure to scroll through related posts for other holiday tag ideas. Happy crafting!

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