Here is a fun way to update an old pencil cup: with pom poms!

I've had this metal storage cup for quite a long time (in fact, it has made an appearance in this blog before, HERE and HERE). I still really like the design, and it makes for a great holder for all my tall scissors. But of course I had to do something to make it a little more fun and prettier. The patterning on the cup helped me make the easy decision of adding colourful pom poms! Read on to find out how.

First, I used the smallest pom pom maker I had, which is a 1 5/8", to make six poms, two in each colour. I made sure to leave two longer ends on each pom. The yarn itself was purchased from Michaels. They're the Loops & Threads Colourwheel yarn in the colours: Purple Pink, Bright Mint, and Fuchsia.

Once all the poms are made, attach them one by one by inserting the longer pieces of yarn

through the holes of the cup and tie a double knot. Then, snip off the long ends once all the poms are secured. It's that simple!

Ain't it adorable?

Thanks all for taking a look at today's project. In the background: my multicoloured pom pom magnets!

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