Here is a fun way to update an old pencil cup: with pom poms!

I've had this metal storage cup for quite a long time (in fact, it has made an appearance in this blog before, HERE and HERE). I still really like the design, and it makes for a great holder for all my tall scissors. But of course I had to do something to make it a little more fun and prettier. The patterning on the cup helped me make the easy decision of adding colourful pom poms! Read on to find out how.

First, I used the smallest pom pom maker I had, which is a 1 5/8", to make six poms, two in each colour. I made sure to leave two longer ends on each pom. The yarn itself was purchased from Michaels. They're the Loops & Threads Colourwheel yarn in the colours: Purple Pink, Bright Mint, and Fuchsia.