This project wasn't actually planned. In fact, it was a spin off from this holiday ornament card that I made for the shop. I thought of making and selling these as a set at first, but with the amount of labour that went into them for such a small price, it just wasn't worth it. I thought I would still show you these glittery tags though. If it wasn't for glitter paper, I don't know if they would look half as pretty as they do!

To make them, first I used a 2 1/2" circle punch to make the tag shapes on textured paper. Then I used a variety of glitter card stock paper, small punches, and decorative scissors to decorate the "ornaments". To adhere all the cuts, I used double-sided tape, but you can also use a glue stick.

Each tag is unique, but all are adorned with glitter. I just love a little glitter around the holidays, don't you?

In fact, I'm a huge fan of glitter paper, that I use it a lot in my projects, especially my products. I often go to hobby stores such as Michaels, Jo-Ann, and Hobby Lobby to buy glitter paper, but I've also been lucky at a few dollar stores such as Dollar Tree and Dollarama. Amazon also has a great selection of colours.

I'm definitely going nontraditional with my colour palette this year. What do you think of these tags? I hope you enjoyed them, friends!

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