I don't often bring out the paint brushes, but this project definitely called for some colour. When I decided that I wanted to add a little more colour to my Christmas decor this year, it was a no brainer to select bright paints in the shades that I love to make these letters stand out as much as possible.

I selected approx. 5 1/2" high wood letters that spell out "MERRY" from Michaels. Then I purchased a bunch of Folk Art craft paints. The colours I chose are: 440 Violet Pansy, 2574 Brilliant Pink, 2951 Patina (light blue), 2710 Calypso Sky (medium blue), 455 Medium Yellow, and 658 Antique Gold. I also used the thinnest washi tape I could find. The reason I selected washi tape for this project is that it peels really well without damaging the wood surface.

If you wish to do this project, gather the following: