One of my favourite ways to wrap gifts is by making customized wrapping paper, and often that requires some form of writing tool or paint brush, or in the case today: rubber stamps.

Alphabet stamping is by far the most fun, in my opinion, especially when the letters all look different. The paper kind of looks like something you would buy at a store! In this project, all I used was alphabet stamps, a black ink pad, and plain wrapping paper in both white and Kraft (see bottom of the post for shopping guide).

Before I wrap the gift, I start by stamping the paper. If it's a paper roll, first cut the size you'll need and lay it out flat. Stamp random letters on the paper in different angles. Then let it dry for a few minutes (to avoid potential smudges) before wrapping the gift.

Our Thanksgiving has long past, but for my American friends, you might enjoy this idea for wrapping alllll those Friendsgiving parcels. Or keep this one in mind for Christmas and other holidays!

With stamps, you can make it as personalized as you want.



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