If you like to decorate your home with wreaths around Christmas, don't discount the power of paper just yet! These wreaths you'll see below are just as colourful and festive, and also simple and quick to put together.

I gathered up some holiday card stock paper, plus silver paper for accent, to create three wreaths. If you don't have any decorative paper at home, see my shopping guide at the bottom of this post. Then, gather up the following:



1. Use the larger of the circle cutters to create a ring on the white paper. This will become the base of the wreath.

2. Use the punches to cut circles from the decorative paper, choosing a mix of 6 - 7 patterns. For a guide, cut:

- 7 large circles

- 7 medium circles

- 4 small circles

Also, punch out 3 snowflakes on the glitter paper.

3. Start with arranging the larger circles around the ring.

4. Glue the large circles to the ring. Continue with the medium circles, then the small circles, and finally adhere the snowflakes on top to create a layered wreath.

With these wreaths you have many options. You can choose to hang them, decorate gift boxes, tape them to the windows for display, and so forth.

What do you think of this colour combination? I'm just loving all the bright reds against the blues and white.




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