Who knew I was going to be doing this project until my daughter asked me and hubby for a Cinderella themed birthday party this year. Admittedly, she's more into Disney than I am, but it's been really fun planning it, not matter what the theme is.

To recreate this pumpkin, you will need the following:


I purchased my pumpkin at Michaels - it was half off! You will also need two cans of spray paint (at 290 g each).


I sprayed the pumpkin outdoors, so the first thing I did was lay down a tarp out of the direct sunlight. The first spray was a little bit tricky. The paint wouldn't adhere in some spots. But after an initial coverage, I noticed that it dried OK, blotchy, but OK. I used one full can. Then, I gave the pumpkin a second coat after about an hour with the second spray can. I didn't need all of it, but was able to do a third and final coat with the rest of the second spray can. Then I left it to dry for a day before adding the embellishments.

In the meantime, I used my Silhouette CAMEO to cut out the birds in gold, and the sparkles in the silver card stock. To download your free cut file of these designs, click HERE (you will need to separate them to cut them on different coloured paper). I bought curve-like adhesive rhinestones from Michaels that came in a pack with three designs, and used round rhinestones that I already had on hand. I added the curvy rhinestones to the pumpkin first. Then I adhered my cuts with the foam dots. Last, I added the rest of the rhinestones randomly to the pumpkin near the bottom.

I hope you enjoyed this post, friends. For curious minds, I was able to find two smaller glitter pumpkins at Walmart.

Thanks for taking a look. I will have another Cinderella post with freebies coming up soon!

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