Whoever coined the phrase "IKEA hack" probably had no idea how popular it would become amongst bloggers, and today's project is yet another "IKEA hack" for the books. This one is so simple however, I almost didn't share it. But every time I looked at it afterwards, I thought, why not?

A few weeks ago, I decided to give the FRIDFULL plant pot a little gold makeover using Krylon's Short Cuts gold spray paint (this is the same paint I used to create my gold dipped frames). I absolutely love this spray paint and the colour it yields. It's hard to explain the colour, but it's almost lighter and more vibrant than you would expect, and the paint goes on nice and thin. Some paints can be a real pain and cause dripping, but I have never experienced it with this one before.



First, I always recommend to spray paint outdoors. I waited til the day was a little cooler, and I was out of the direct sun. Then I laid down a tarp. Using painter's tape, I taped a straight circumference line around the pot. Last, I applied the spray paint. One coat was enough to fully cover the pot. After a few seconds, I pulled the tape off and let it dry upside for an hour or so (however it dried much quicker).

Some other projects in these images include my plant pot makeover with cork stickers (another IKEA hack!) and my gold and geometric circle art print.

*I was not compensated by IKEA for today's project, but I love their products, and wanted to do this makeover for my home. I share because I care!*

This project was literally a three minute fix, plus drying time. Then I went to my favourite local nursery to pick up this aloe plant.

I hope you enjoyed this post, friends. Do you enjoy or do many "IKEA hacks"? In fact, I realized that I have done a few over the years. Perhaps, a roundup post is in our future!

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