Here's a fun take on the paper clip that literally takes seconds to make!

This project was actually a perfect fluke. Last week, I stopped in at my local dollar store and at first I noticed the gold paper clips. Like - when did Dollarama start carrying anything GOLD? Canadians will understand. And, if you're new here, my obsession with gold products is a bit of a problem for my poor wallet. Then I was looking in the craft aisle, and saw the package of colourful floss and then it just hit me: tassel paper clips!

If you know how floss is packaged, it's already half the work done for you. Basically, it's like THIS. To make the tassel paper clips, you will need the following:



1. Feed the entire floss through the top of the paper clip.

2. Cut a length of floss of another colour and wrap around once and tie once.

3. Continue wrapping the floss around several times and finish off by tying a double knot. Cut off the extra ends.

4. Use the embroidery scissors to cut through the loops at the bottom of the tassel. Then, straighten out the edge with the fabric scissors in one quick snip.

How simple was that?! I hope you enjoyed today's project, friends. I think these tassels would be the perfect gift for the bookworm, boss lady, or teacher too!

Thanks for taking a look :)

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