Today, I'm throwing at you another kid-friendly craft that's also Halloween-friendly (no scary stuff).

My original idea was to make these adorable pom pumpkins with faces, but strangely enough, I couldn't find orange yarn at my local Walmart or craft store. 'Tis the season I suppose that everyone's buying it for Fall projects! So instead, I grabbed whatever I had in my yarn stash and bring you these adorable pom pom monsters, which I have to say turned out super cute all the same!

You had a sneak peek at the poms on Instagram earlier in the week. All the yarn came from Michaels originally at only two dollars a pop! The pom pom maker I used is a 7 cm and can be purchased in a package with three other sizes HERE. Also note that embroidery scissors are the best to cut yarn, especially my small stork ones that you can find HERE.

To make the faces I also gathered the following:



First, gather two googly eyes per monster (in the size you desire), and set aside. If you wish to make faces as I did for some, use the punch to cut semi circles for the "mouths". Then cut out the "teeth", which are just triangle shapes, out of the white glitter paper using the scissors. Once you're finished, secure all the parts to the pom poms with the hot glue gun set on high.

I hope you enjoyed this project, friends. Kids can have fun making them too, but be aware that the glue gun on high gets very hot!

Happy crafting!

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