In today's post, I'll show you a simple method for making paper tassels. For this project, I used a lightweight (70 lb/110 gsm) paper because it's easy to curl without creasing. To make a tassel, you only need a few basic supplies: paper, scissors, and tape! Once you get going too, you just can't stop! If you want to create something bigger, like a garland, you can easily whip up a dozen or so tassels in an hour.



1. Trim the paper down to 3 1/2" x 5 1/2" with the trimmer, and then use the scissors to cut thin strips on one long side of the paper to about half an inch from the top.

2. When you reach the end, cut off about 1 1/4" and keep one thin strip.

3. Turn the paper over, and tape the strip to the location shown. Then add double-sided tape to the top of the strip, and along the other long end.

4. Gently roll the tassel and near the end, fold over the strip. Then finish attaching it all the way.

Have you made tassels before with paper? I absolutely recommend the lightweight paper. At first I tried it with card stock, but it was too thick and too tricky. With scrapbook paper, the nice thing is that you can pick some really cute patterns and colours for your project!

Thanks for taking a look today, friends :)




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