The best part about sharing these gift wrapping posts is that any one can use them any time! There's always a birthday, or anniversary, or some good reason to give someone a gift. In case you missed it, I recently shared a roundup of some of my favourite DIY gift wrapping ideas for all seasons HERE. Today, I'm taking the idea of my confetti gift tags, a post I shared back in January, and applying the concept here to wrapping paper.

This time however, I mixed tissue paper and card stock, but used the same craft punch to make the confetti as quickly as possible in different sizes. See THIS POST on how to create confetti using tissue paper. It takes an extra step because the paper is so thin compared to card stock. But I like the transparency it gives, so I included it again in this post.

After wrapping a few gifts, I used double-sided tape to create patterns and words on top of the gift boxes. This one spells: "HI".

Simply, remove the top layer of the tape and apply the confetti over top. Gently move things around with your fingers to ensure all areas get covered.