In the two years that I've been blogging here, I haven't really shown you my craft space more than in a quick Insta-story or two. The reason was simple: the space, a room about 10 x 10 feet, with a small basement window, was what I used to call my craft room. The size and lack of light made it extremely difficult to shoot any photos in there.

Outside that little room though is a larger rectangular room, with two opposite windows along the shorter walls, housing another kitchen as well. We had a small couch and TV in this room, which we barely used and so it occurred to me: why not switch the TV and craft rooms?! (Insert light bulbs flashing here!)

My craft room was already exploding at the seams, and so that idea started making even more sense to me. I always wanted a "crafting table" too, which I didn't have. Look further down this post and you'll know what I mean by a crafting table. It's the table that all the work gets done at, the one with my Silhouette CAMEO sitting on one end. It doesn't interfere with my "desk" where the desktop is, so it's perfect.

With the switch, I gained more space, more natural light, and a cooler space I think! It's still in the basement, so to compensate for the small amount of daylight that feeds through those two windows, we upgraded the sconce lighting that's along one of the longer walls to make it really bright (it literally is now the brightest space in our home with the lights turned on).

All the furniture is from IKEA. We added two new chairs, the crafting table of course, and the tall cabinet with doors. All that white furniture also helps to brighten up the space, which is important for me in a craft room. We decided not to go ahead and paint the walls at this time, but I can foresee them being white in the future. Nevertheless, my daughter and I BOTH love it more down here, as we can sit together and craft without feeling cramped in a dark space.

That's all, friends. I still don't have the greatest camera equipment, so the photos are what they are (I had all the lights off for this post). Where do I take my blog and shop photos then? Nothing's changed there. I still have to carry everything upstairs with me to take my pictures. I have a large rattan basket and toss things in there. It works.

I hope you enjoyed the quick tour! I didn't source out anything specifically, but if you have any questions about the names of any of the furniture, or anything else, please leave them in the comments below.

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