This week, I've been in full back-to-school mode buying my daughter all sorts of things she'll need from snacks, to clothes, to lunch containers. She's going into JK, so really I don't need any more than that.

It's a weird time for me, bittersweet really. I'm a HUGE fan of Fall, and back-to-school is exciting, even if I'm no longer the one doing it. I love the fresh, crisp air that Fall brings with it, and the changing colours, and lots and lots of pumpkin and apple spice. There is no doubt that Fall has always been my favourite season. BUT, I have never loved summer more than I have these last few years with my new partner in crime to share every single day with (being my daughter of course). We also have a new pool (it was installed in the Spring of last year), and closing that up in the Fall is HARD. If we had just these two seasons spread throughout the twelve months, I would be a really happy gal.

So, I am really just trying to make the most of these last few days. I'm not ready to post about Fall yet either. Have you been? Are you ready for the seasonal switch? Or are you hanging on to summer as long as you can too?

That's my babble this week. I hope you enjoy this week's Friday faves (there are some great ideas for back-to-school here too!)

Happy crafting :)

From top left:

Paper Back-to-School Pencils

DIY Daisy Party Hat via The House That Lars Built

Printable Anchor Cards

DIY Asymmetric Mini Envelopes via Maritza Lisa

How to Print Designs on Ceramics via Homey Oh My

DIY Gold Marbled Pencils via Lovely Indeed

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