I wasn't sure if I was going to share this post or not because I have already covered my favourite paper and non-paper DIY projects for my two year blogiversary this month. However, even though the topic of gift wrap is paper, I feel like it can go in a category all on its own. I could have also ignored it, but gift wrapping is by far my favourite past time and I could literally do it for hours! It's what got me on the roll of making my own cards and tags, and therefore inspiring this site.

Hence, there have been several gift wrapping posts shared here. I am thinking I need to amp it up a little more, just because. Gift wrapping has come a long way since the days of just sticking a bow on top of a package. Wrapping packages in unique and creative ways is not only fun if you can put in the time, but it also sends a special message to the person receiving the gift.

Rhinestones, pom poms, and simple geometric shapes are just a few things you can use. Letters can spell out greetings or the names of the people receiving the gifts. The paper you choose too can have an impact. Plain paper will allow you to overlap your designs with minimal distraction. I also enjoy continuous patterns: chevron, stripes, and polka dots to make things interesting.

You can visit all of my gift wrapping ideas HERE, which will also bring you to the sources included in the posts.


P I N M E !


What kinds of things have you done to make your gifts extra special? Techniques, materials used, and so forth? For more ideas, also see my Pinterest board HERE.

P.s. Remember that you can also use my printable stationery as gift wrap! Three designs are available in the shop HERE.

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