When I started typing today's post, my first line was, "I like anchors". Not the opening I wanted, and even though I like the look of anchors, it's what they symbolize that has more meaning to me: the seas and ships and sea captains and dangers of the waters, and nautical words like starboard and hull and stern. I like old vessel terms like frigate and brigantine (I do a lot of reading about ship wrecks and ghost ships in my free time). I'm a girl with a large dream of having a cottage at the edge of the Atlantic ocean. Smelling the salty waters, and hearing the pounding waves, and looking out into the distant waters at...whatever may be there. It's the fantasy and wonder that pulls me in.

So I took this wonderful symbol and created two printable cards since it's still summer (by the way, who else feels that summer is just flying by?)

They will open as one PDF. Once you open the file, print the images out on card stock. Then trim the cards out with a paper trimmer to achieve those straight lines. Fold in the centre, and your cards are complete.

Since they are very generic cards, they can be used for any occasion: birthday, thank you, or just a simple greeting.

I hope you can use them in some way. Perhaps an old first mate or captain will appreciate the gesture!

Do you like anchors too?

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