You can do so much with today's craft. These small washi and paper pineapples (about 3" tall) make a cute party decoration in so many ways: decor for your walls, place tag settings, fun garland, and more. You can even tape lollipop sticks to them and have instant cupcake toppers! Read on below for what you need to make them.


  • Yellow and green card stock paper

  • Yellow washi tape (preferably striped)

  • Scissors

  • 2" oval punch

  • Tape


1. Tape three pieces of washi alongside each other on the yellow card stock. Punch the pineapple shape with the oval punch.

2. Use the same punch to create the crown by cutting four pieces as shown on the green card stock.

3. Tape the four pieces together in the pattern shown. 4. Tape the crown to the back of the pineapple.

What would you use these pineapples for?

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