Hubby came with me on a trip to Michaels the other day, which is a rare occasion. I went to buy more paper, and as he browsed, he came upon a washi tape organizer called the Craft Stack, sold exclusively at the store. When he commented it was something that I needed, who was I to argue? HA!

I couldn't wait to get it home and organize my washi. The organizer we purchased holds 80+ washi tapes (there was also a larger model available). I clearly don't have enough! Guess who's now going on a washi tape shopping spree? Wink.

I've been making washi crafts here since the start of this blog that it even has its own tag. Today's craft is a cute washi and paper hot air balloon garland, perfect for nostalgic summer days.

To make yours, you'll need:



1. Lay pieces of tape side by side on the white paper.

2. Use the circle cutter to create your round shape. I used the outside of the small circle, creating a shape of approximately 3" in diameter.

3. Punch an oval shape on the brown paper. Cut it in half.

4. Cut two short pieces of string and tape them to the semi oval. Tape the other ends to the back of the balloon.

5. After completing several hot air balloons, add letters across to complete a message.

6. Add two holes each to the tops and insert the string through.

It was easy cleanup once my project was done. To purchase your own Craft Stack washi tape organizer, click HERE.

This post was in no way sponsored by Michaels. Just sharing because I care.

Do you have a similar system for your washi? Happy crafting, friends!

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