Today's project was a total experiment. I had no idea what to expect or what the turn out would be. But I had a leftover pendant from a previous necklace project, and nail polishes that I didn't wear all that much, so I decided to put the two together and see what would happen.

For this project, I used three nail colours, a silver pendant, and a lollipop stick.

Using one nail colour at a time, I poured a little out of the bottle into the pendant. I did this for all three colours, ensuring that the bottom of the pendant was completely covered. Then I used the lollipop stick to blend the colours together in the centre, moving it in a circular motion.

Once that was finished, I simply let the pendant dry for a couple of days (out of the sun). It actually turned out much prettier than I thought. There's no bubbling, the surface is smooth and shiny, and the colours are beautiful. To finish it, I took a cotton swab, dipped it in a little bit of nail polish remover, and cleaned up around the edge on the front of the pendant where a little nail polish got on.