Several weeks ago I was making pinwheels for a summer project, but something was making them look a little off. Then I realized it: there was just too much white! I was using single-sided paper because I didn't have anything else. But instead of heading to the store, I decided to make my own double-sided paper to fix the problem. And it's so easy, if you already have the right paper to work with.

What I mean by the right paper is a light-weight scrapbook paper (in other words, not card stock). The paper should feel as thin as normal printer paper. That way, when you glue the sheets back to back, you can still bend them easily without creasing, and the double-sided tape will still be strong enough to hold them in the pinwheel. I'll explain. But first, to make the pinwheels with your own double-sided paper, gather these supplies:



1. Trim the scrapbook paper to 3" x 3". You should have four sheets per pinwheel, two in each pattern.

2. Glue two patterns back to back. Do this for both.

3. Trim two opposite corners to make triangles. You should have four triangles.

4. Add the double-sided tape to the corners that will fold up, then fold the corners in.

5. Make the pinwheel shape, and add a piece of tape to the centre to hold it in place.

6. Punch a circle in the silver paper and use the hole punch to punch a hole in the centre of the circle.

7. Use double-sided tape to adhere the circle to the middle of the pinwheel.

8. Poke the thumbtack through the centre if you wish.

I made mine to decorate my cork board, so hence the thumbtacks! But, did you catch that pinning action?

Thanks for taking a look at today's project, friends. Will you be making pinwheels for summer? What would you use them for?

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