I waited for days to take the photos for today's post, and just when I thought the skies had cleared up for me, I felt raindrops as I pressed the shutter button on my first photo.

The fact of the matter is, it's been raining all week, and there is more to come in the forecast. But, our big and beautiful country is celebrating its huge birthday this weekend, and I wanted to do a little something unconventional to contribute (and also blog about it before it comes and gos!)

Canada is celebrating its 150th birthday this Saturday! We have plans for a BBQ/pool party, and I thought I would make these custom paper place mats for the table. I took the iconic maple leaf and overlapped different sizes to create a unique place mat. I made it in my Silhouette studio software, then used 12" x 12" textured paper in some pretty and bright colours. I've never been one to decorate much with red, but you can choose any colour you wish to make the place mats if you do this project. All you need is:

Once you open the file in your Silhouette, you can adjust the document accordingly to fit the size of your paper. Mine are a tad small for dinner plates, but make cute centrepieces.

Now that these ones are wet, I'll have to cut out a few more - ha! Let's just hope July 1 stays dry.

What are your holiday plans?

#Paper #Silhouette #Summer


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