We are a family who enjoys eating alfresco, and even though I'm still getting used to the whole setup (we've only had our deck and furniture for a year), I think the time has come to give it a little more love and attention.

The first thing my table needed was some coasters! So I made a few using store-bought cork discs and my Silhouette CAMEO. The discs come in a package of four, and rather than create them all the same, I decided on four different designs of some of my favourites things: anchor, ship's wheel, octopus, and starfish. To replicate the project, you'll need the following:


I used both Silhouette and Cricut vinyl because I find that Cricut has a wider colour selection. The procedure however is the same. I used Silhouette's white and pink, and Cricut's coral and Caribbean blue (I couldn't find an online link for the coral vinyl, but I purchased it at Jo-Ann).


Download the free SVG file, which holds all four designs (or as requested, there's now a PDF version!). However, to cut them out on separate vinyl, you'll have to first copy and paste each design to a new page. Adjust the cut settings and set the blade to 1. Then, follow the instructions on the vinyl package and transfer paper to adhere the vinyl to the cork discs. Tip: make sure to smooth out the vinyl with the scraper really well, especially on the corners on both on the transfer paper and the cork discs. Once you've finished all four, spray with the acrylic coating to help seal them, but do not over spray (over spraying may cause the vinyl to peel).

I love the way they turned out and I know they will get a lot of use. Which design is your favourite?

Happy crafting! :)

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