If you saw my last post, I took the rosette concept and created a fun idea for summer: pineapple rosettes!

I'm actually sensitive to the fruit, but I'm all over the pineapple trend. You can also make these fun pineapple rosettes, as I'm offering the crowns as a free cut file (if you don't have a Silhouette, then you can simply download the PDF template to trace the shape on paper).



Use the trimmer to make two long strips of 12" x 2" in yellow. Then, follow the instructions in this post to make the rosette shape (from step #2 and onward). Punch a 3" circle in yellow paper and glue it to the front of the rosette.

Place the green paper on the cutting mat and insert into the Silhouette. Download this file of the pineapple crowns. Send to cut, and hot glue the crown to the back of the rosette. Tip: the size of the crown was created to fit these pineapple dimensions. If you increase the size of the body, then you'll have to increase the size of the crown.

Also shown in the photo are my glitter pineapple cupcake toppers! You can shop six or a dozen HERE.

Thanks for taking a look today, friends. How would you use these pineapples? They're perfect for parties of course, but I'm also thinking a fun decoration for a backyard patio!

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