Hello friends! If you're a follower on any of my social media accounts, then this is old news for you, but in case you're not, I wanted to share that I added a brand new category of products to the shop last week: glitter cupcake toppers!

The idea of glitter and cupcakes is exciting for me because I'm a lover of both. So naturally, putting the two together means I can barely contain myself! And you don't have to worry about them making a mess. The paper is high quality, and glitter won't be getting into your icing because I know how unpleasant that would be. I also constructed them on lollipop sticks rather than toothpicks so that they are taller and sturdier.

First up are these pink glitter hearts. The 2" hearts actually come in three colours - pink, purple, and silver (you can view more photos by clicking on the button below). You also have the option to purchase a dozen or six.