Moving along with my products and themes, today I'm showing you everything I have in the shop with saguaros. Why saguaros? Anyone who knows me wouldn't be too surprised at this because I am a cacti lover through and through. I have quite a few throughout our home, and looking at them truly makes me happy.

During our honeymoon (almost 10 years ago!), hubby and I took a trip to the Desert Botanical Gardens in Phoenix. Saguaros, specifically, looked so beautiful, tall, and mighty, and I'll forever remember that whole wonderful experience and adore these great big plants!

The 5-piece saguaro bundle (the first one I made for the relaunch!), comes as per usual with three cards and two 2" gift tags. The little flowers were constructed with bright, textured paper. In the large card, black, shiny rhinestones are a feature.

If you're throwing a party, small gathering, or want to keep celebrating Cinco De Mayo (it's still May...), then you'll want to have this printable at your disposal. The saguaros are 4 1/2" tall. Print them on card stock, cut them out, and string them for a fun, festive garland! If you wish, you can also use them on top of cakes, as place settings, or party decorations.

I also offer printable saguaro gift tags (or cupcake toppers), and the difference is that the saguaros are smaller in size. The dotted lines are there to help you with the cuts.

Lastly, I have three different saguaro stationery designs, two of which can also be used as suitable wrapping paper. All three are sold as a bundle.

I hope this post gives you a little inspiration for your saguaro-themed party. If you missed the previous two parties, see all my donut products HERE, and rainbows HERE.

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