I made a cheesy little joke on Insta-story earlier this week. It went something like: "All's gold that ends well". Seriously nerdy, I know.

But, I have a long-time romance with gold. I like to wear it, paint it on my fingernails, accent my home with it, and buy every little tool, paper, ribbon, notebook, or stickers with gold in it. So naturally, I thought I would show you ways to create beautiful wrapping using gold as a main colour or accent colour.

If you think that I am completely converting this blog into a party or stationery supply blog, think again. It's just that, I've had so many birthdays to celebrate this month, and while I have birthdays on my mind, why not? Gift wrapping is also a pastime I can literally do for hours. I might be on this kick a little while more.

Did you know that there's no extra cost at buying pretty rolls of wrapping paper in gold? But at the same time, I like using black and white paper (either stripes or polka dots or chevron) and accent with gold stickers, letters, or ribbons.

You can also create simple, but beautiful gifts tags with gold paper and punches, or simply by using peel and stick shapes in a heart, circle, or other desirable shape. Tag forms can be pre-bought, or created with card stock. Use contrasting twine to make them even more unique.

Use gold paper in your card making too. Pink and gold is one of my favourite pairings. Other favourite looks: teal and gold, and gold and black.




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Are you just as obsessed with this metal as I am? I hope you enjoyed some of the ideas in today's post.

Have a beautiful day, friends!

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