This post wasn't actually planned, or I would have brought my camera along with me to the Fair last week. And I wish I had because I am still blushing over all the sweet little hugs I received from the girls of the grade four class behind the Nature Crafterz booth! But first, let's back up a bit.

Two weeks ago, I blogged about the Eco-Fun Fair at the elementary school in my community. The Fair itself was a big school-wide event. It included booths and fun and games for kids of all ages. But for me, the most important booth was held by a small group of girls and boys called Nature Crafterz. These are grade 4 students, who named their company as so, and were selling handmade crafts inspired by the First Nations. Some of their products included greeting cards, birch bark bookmarks, and adorable beaded bracelets. I helped supply some of the materials and gave a small donation to the group to help them with their project. Then, the proceeds from their sales went to Habitat for Humanity. Some other sponsors included Home Hardware, Home Depot, and other local establishments.

As I said, I wasn't planning to blog, but first, I wanted to show you the beautiful craftsmanship and talent that went into the bracelet that I bought! But also, I wanted a place to record that event because I have never felt such a heart-warming welcome before by a group of children whom essentially I was just a stranger to. Seriously, they made me feel like a celebrity! So many thank yous, and hugs, and exciting giggles, and questions, and one of the girls was really excited to introduce me to her teacher. Whom I met by the way, and she was a very nice woman. They even awwwed when they met my little one, who was with me along with my husband. They were just really excited kids! I was surprised as I thought that no one would even recognize me (I met the kids once before about a month ago for a brief period). But they were so kind and grateful for my donation to their project, and I couldn't be happier to see them this excited about it.

It was a nice evening, and it felt so great to be a part of it. I'm glad they called on me - or I would have missed out on a very special moment for me and for them.

Did you check out the bracelet? Isn't it beautiful? Kudos to the kids - Abi, Eden, Jaden, Kyle, Nithusha, Nyajah, and Rama. You did a wonderful job!

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