Last week, I shared my rainbow-themed decorations and gift supplies from the WHC shop! Today, the focus is on my donut products.

As I mentioned, since relaunching the shop in March, I feel like I haven't given the products the attention they deserve. While I am still working at adding new categories (such as cupcake toppers and party straws), I'll show you what I have today in this theme so far.

My donut card (sold as an individual), can be customized. You have the choice of a vanilla or chocolate donut, and black or blue font. I think it sends a happy message. It's definitely a favourite of mine!

I made some gift tags sets (set of 4) in both donut colours. The vanilla donuts feature pink icing and sprinkles.

The chocolate donuts have blue icing and pink sprinkles. The sprinkles sparkle with glitter!

As you know, I also sell digital products. First, I'll introduce my donut garland. The donuts are 3 1/2" in diametre, and the printable offers both colours. You can simply string them on twine for an instant party decor! As an alternative, a cluster of them would make a fun cake topper. Make sure to take note of the printing recommendations.

There is also two smaller versions of the donuts. They can be cut and used for cupcake toppers, gift tags, and more.

Lastly, the donut stationery, featuring three different designs, makes letter writing more fun. But also, a cute gift wrap for a small gift!

I hope you found some inspiration here for your donut-themed party. If you missed the post about my rainbow products, check it out HERE.

Up next...saguaros!

Happy long weekend, Canada! xo

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