Since relaunching the shop in March, I feel like I haven't given the products the attention they deserve much here in the blog. But if you noticed, there are a handful of themes, and today I'm sharing my rainbow products that range from the 5-piece card and tag bundle to printable stationery that can double up as wrapping paper!

I wanted to create products that are both fun, trendy, and atypical to what the birthday norm is you'll find at a Hallmark. And while they aren't your traditional birthday or occasional cards, they still make giving snail mail super fun, in my opinion. Especially when they have glitter!

The 5-piece bundle (shown above) comes with three cards and two tags and all the dimensions and pricing can be found under their page in the button link below.

But if you're only searching for some tags to go with your gifts, I have a set of four rainbow tags made with bright, textured paper. Not only would these go perfect with a child's gift, I'm sure they will brighten any adult's day too!

If you're throwing a rainbow party, you have a few options. My 4 1/2" rainbows in this printable make a good size for a garland, cake topper, your choice. Make sure to take note of the printing recommendations in the link below.

Although these were designed to be gift tags, this rainbow printable, which offers two size rainbows, can also be made into cupcake toppers, or other fun party decorations (stickers, place settings, and so on). The dotted lines will help you cut them out. See more details on this product below.

Finally, the rainbow stationery, featuring three different designs, makes letter writing more fun. But also, a cute gift wrap for a small gift. It's available for immediate download from the shop as are all my printables.

I hope you found some inspiration here for your rainbow-themed party. Up next...donuts!

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