I hope you're not sick of my pom pom projects yet, because I have another one for you today!

When I got the idea to make these pom pom ice cream cones, I just had to see how they would turn out. And I think they turned out super cute!

As it turns out, they're a cinch to make as well. See how-to below.



Start by giving the cones each a coat of paint. Let the paint fully dry (about 2 hours). The cones suck up a lot of paint, so if you plan to make more cones, get yourself a few extra bottles.

While they dry, make four pom poms according to the instructions on the pom pom maker.

Cut two pieces of burlap, about 7 inches long.

Glue the burlap to the dried cones (I glued at the seams only), then trim off the excess burlap around it and at the top of the cones.

Lastly, hot glue two pom poms on top of each cone. Low temperature is fine, and I also went through two glue sticks (so stock up if need be). You want to give a generous amount of glue to ensure the poms hold tightly and don't wiggle too much.

Have a scoop on me! I hope you enjoyed today's project. What can you do with them? Think birthday parties (string a few of them to make a garland), summer parties, or a quirky take home gift.

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