As we get closer to the shop's relaunch date, I'm upping the savings on the current items to 20% off!

What date is the grand re-opening? Mark your calendars. It's Tuesday, March 28th !

In my last post update, I didn't offer many details, but there will definitely be a larger product selection including hand-crafted gift tags, cards, card and tag bundles, printables (such as stationery, garlands, gift tags, wrapping paper), and so on. I have over a dozen designs and 20 products available, and many more stewing in my brain for the future. All of the designs were created by yours truly, and I hope you will find them as fun and refreshing as I do!

To tell you the truth friends, I haven't been this excited in a long time! I have a lot of last minute things to do (last week was kind of a write-off as it was March break), not to mention a few photos to shoot still. What you see up there is a few of my printable tag sets, and that's all you'll get to see today (but if you've been following along on Instagram, there have been a few more sneak peeks posted!)

I can't wait for the big reveal day, and I appreciate your patience in this process so far! I will have a post update for you on that day too on how to navigate the shop, photos, and more :)



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