Here's something different for a change. I'm going to share with you a total project fail (and if you followed along earlier this week on Insta-stories, then you know exactly what I'm about to talk about!)

If it worked, this was supposed to be the first of several Easter posts.

But guess what? While some bloggers I know only share the successes and pretty pictures all the time, there are many failed attempts at really good ideas.

Let's talk about gold leafing. I've done it before (HERE, HERE, and HERE). I love the product (in general, but not necessarily all brands!), but gilding can be extremely tricky. So my first idea was to use three cute little images, transferred to the eggs by vinyl via my Silhouette CAMEO. One was of a baby chick, another of a bunny, and the last of a cracked egg. The idea was to apply one image to an egg, then apply the gold leaf around that. When I pull the vinyl off, you have the silhouette of an Easter symbol shining through. The problem was, just trying to smooth the vinyl out on a curved shape - not the easiest thing in the world to do.

When I gave up that plan, I thought I could just cover the eggs entirely in gold leaf. THAT was just as disastrous. I attribute part of the disaster to the product itself (which I won't disclose here) because it was pretty flaky, and teared apart in my hand before I could even cover the egg with it. Not all gold leaf is made the same, and I think some brands are better than others to use (clearly I wasn't using my favourite brand to do this project). I think the other problem was my lack of patience at this point when I already gave up an idea I was really excited about. Who knows?