Last week I shared with you a sneak peek of this project in Insta-stories, where I also mentioned that I totally caved a bought a pom pom maker. If you've been following along for a while, I used to make my pom poms the old-fashioned way: with a fork! (See HERE and HERE).

But no fork in my house was large enough to make the pom poms I wanted to fit into baking cups to make today's post possible. And, it was totally worth it!

I can totally see these as being the cutest decorations at kid's parties or even bridal showers.



Each pom pom maker is made differently, so read the instructions on the package of how to make one. A tip from me: the more wraps equals the fuller the pom pom.

Once you complete the steps to make a pom pom, trim any long threads to make the pom pom even all around. Then stick them in the baking cups (you can hot glue them if you wish).

For this next part, I had a lot of ideas running through my head for the sprinkles: yarn, felt, paper, and so on, but once I found these rhinestones in my craft room, I thought I would give them a try. And it "stuck"!

I used the hot glue gun at low temperature to secure the rhinestones, picked up over the years at craft stores, to the pom poms. It's easy as that. (By the way, if you have spare pluckers, I would totally use them. By the end, I had more glue on my fingers than the pom poms did!)

In case you were wondering, the gradient cupcake liners are by Wilton, and I found them at Michaels. I just love them!

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