If there was such a day job out there where I could wrap gifts all day and make enough to live comfortably, I would do it. I think I said it before, I love to wrap! Goodness, to be surrounded all day by beautiful paper and ribbon and gift tags and stationery.....I can't even finish that sentence!

In today's post, I'm showing you a beautiful custom wrap I created with a stamp and ink pad, and custom die-cut roses that I made using the same image! You can also download the image for free for your Silhouette (below).

When it comes to stamping wrapping paper, I like to use a solid colour paper, usually white or Kraft, and in this case I went with the latter. I used a rose stamp (Recollections; picked up at Michaels), and black ink pad to create a subway pattern on the Kraft paper. That was the first step.

Then, I stamped the rose once on a sheet of white printer paper. I scanned it, and it looked something like this after I cropped it down:

I'll stop right here, and pick up the steps on how to convert the image to a cut file in your Silhouette Studio software in the NEXT POST. In the meantime, you can enjoy the free version HERE. In the attachment, there are three different size roses, as I cut three different sizes for my gift. You can adjust them accordingly before you cut.

Of course, to cut the roses out, you will need:

Additionally, you'll need:

Open the file to cut the roses on card stock. Use the hook to carefully remove the pieces from the cutting mat.

After the present is wrapped, I like to first arrange the roses onto the paper before adhering with the glue runner. I started with the larger pink rose, and then slightly overlapped the red rose on top.

For the final blue rose (I feel like I'm on The Bachelor here!), I attached the pieces with the foam dots instead of the glue, to give the rose extra height (creating a three-dimensional effect).

This project does take a little time, but I think it would make a lovely surprise and gift!

If you don't have a Silhouette at home, and would like to take on projects like this, Amazon is offering their starter bundle at a great price right now (under $200!). It includes the CAMEO, as well as two cutting mats and blades, and free cut files from the Silhouette store for a whole month.

Thank you for taking a look today, friends. Are you a gift-wrapping fanatic like me?

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