Valentine's may be over, but don't pack away that heart punch quite yet. It will come in handy for today's project!

These adorable paper flowers were constructed with my Recollections heart punch. I've always found this craft punch to be so versatile (you can see another flower project I made with it HERE). If you don't have a heart punch, see below on where to buy a similar product.

Then, gather up the following:


The first thing you want to do is give the dowel rods two coats each of green paint using the sponge brush. Set them aside to dry while you work on the flowers.


1. Use the heart punch to make two shapes in green (for the leaves), and four in one colour for the flower.

2. With the hole punch, punch a hole at the bottom corner of the hearts.

3. Assemble the hearts to create the shape of the flower, aligning them at the hole. Do this before securing them with the glue runner to make sure they are evenly spaced apart.

4. Punch a circle for the flower centre with black paper, and punch a hole in the centre with the hole punch. Glue it to the centre of the flower.

5. Once the paint has dried on the dowel rod, insert the leaves.

6. Insert the flower last. It should hold nice and snug.

Thank you all for taking a look at today's fun project!

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