If you need last minute gift tags to go with your Valentine's gifts, I have a fun, even romantic, idea to share with you today!

On the tags you see above, are actually candy hearts. Of course, they are totally not edible anymore since they're stuck on with hot glue! But I think they are adorable, and a little daring too.

To make the tags, first gather your favourite card stock. I used a mix of glitter, stripes, and Kraft paper. For a good list of where to buy Valentine's paper, see HERE (near the bottom of the post).

In addition, you will need:



1. Use the tag punch to create the tag shapes in different patterns, then punch out a bunch of hearts.

2. Punch the tag holes. I always like to do this before moving on.

3. Adhere hearts with the glue runner (or glue stick if you prefer). Try overlapping patterns.

4. Hot glue a conversation heart to the centre of the tags.

Will you be making these gift tags for your loved ones?

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