Hello friends!

I am excited to share today's project with you. Even though making tassels isn't new to me, I have for the first time used them to display a form of art in my home. I created a wall hanging using yarn for the tassels, and a wood dowel to help form the structure of my art piece, and I absolutely love the way it turned out!

My original vision for this project was to use THIS, a woolly, chunky yarn, but I admit that I was being frugal and decided to go with yarn that I had leftover from a previous project. Otherwise I end up with all this yarn, and I usually use so little of it when I do some of these projects. But to help achieve the thickness I was after using the yarn I had, I wrapped it quite a lot of times (more on that in the instructions).

To make the wall hanging, I started by first making the tassels. To make them, you will need a sturdy piece of cardboard (about five inches long), yarn, and sharp scissors. My yarn is called I Love This Yarn! #732 / Ivory. I purchased it from Hobby Lobby. It's a creamy colour with tinges of gold in it.


1. Wrap the yarn lengthwise about 40 times around the cardboard (the thickness of the tassel increases with more wraps). Snip the ends, then pull the yarn pieces off.

2. With a new length of yarn, tie a double knot in the centre of your bunch.

3. Snip the extra ends off.

4. Use another length of yarn to wrap around the top to form the tassel. I wrapped mine around five times. Then I tied a double knot, and cut the extra ends off.

5. Raise your tassel to let the ends fall to see where you need to snip to make the ends even length.

6. Take a clear nail polish, and apply polish to the ends you knotted together earlier.