In an effort to break up some of the Valentine posts, I have a non-holiday one for you today. However, I did need a couple of new key chains anyway. After a while, the jute ones I made HERE, with everyday usage can wear and tear. This year I also vowed for a little more colour in my life, which I hope will translate into a few fun projects to share with you all here.

So for a cute little project to dress up your keys, make these DIY painted key chains.

Since making this painted necklace, I have a new obsession with painting beads. It's so easy and fun!

Blue, especially teal, is a favourite colour of mine, so picking the paints for this project was easy. I also incorporated some pretty pinks for contrast. From left to right: Diving Board, Beach Glass, Poodle Skirt, and Pink Dahlia, all from Martha Stewart's collection available at Michaels stores.

To learn how to paint beads effortlessly, follow this tutorial HERE, which is my painted bead necklace post. Make sure you have a few lollipop sticks and paper cupcake liners handy. You will also need sponge brushes. Beads can be purchased at Michaels, or online HERE.

After the beads are dry, to make the key chains, you will need some leather cording. I purchased mine, which is actually faux leather, at Target. It's far less expensive than real leather, but looks the same!


1. Cut a generous length of cording (approximately 1 ft) and feed it into the key ring. Tie a double knot.

2. Insert a bead and tie a knot. Do this for the second bead too.

3. After inserting the last bead, tie a double knot again.

4. Cut the ends with sharp scissors to make them even length.

Have you done a lot of projects with painted beads?

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