Birthdays in my family are already upon us, and I thought for a fun, colourful craft, why not make confetti tags!

To make them, I used tissue paper from a dollar store in several colours: pink, orange, yellow, blue, and so on. All you need is one sheet from each pack to make several tags. Punching through tissue paper can be tricky, but I figured out that the thicker the layer, the easier and smoother the cuts will be.

Working one colour at a time, fold the folded tissue paper twice more over to create a thick layer (of about 6 or 8 sheets). Then use any confetti punch (mine can be found HERE) to punch the holes through.

The circles may stick together, so just rub them between your thumb and forefinger to solve that problem.

You will then need a pack of tags, a sponge brush, and Mod Podge, which acts as a glue.

Now, work with one tag at a time because the glue dries quickly. Apply the Mod Podge with the brush.

Then sprinkle on the confetti. Press down on them to make sure they adhere properly, and shake any loose ones away.

I think they are so fun! What about you? Would you make them for a party gift?

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