Here's a fun search-a-word I put together in the spirit of Valentine's that can be enjoyed by both children and adults alike.

To download it, click HERE. My printables are always free (but please remember that they are intended for personal use only).

To give this puzzle a little colour and Valentine vibe, I included these pretty watercolour hearts, created by this artist. I like to purchase all of my graphics from an online marketplace called Creative Market. If you've never been to the site before, it's well worth a look through. It can become especially handy if you're looking to make some art for your home, invitations to a party, or want some new graphics to revamp your website. They also offer free goods every week!

I hope you enjoy the search-a-word, my friends. I promise I didn't make it too difficult :) I always enjoy passing time with these. And if you haven't thought about Valentine's yet, perhaps this will get you in the mood (that or those yummy candies)!


*This was a sponsored post by Creative Market. To learn more, please click here.*


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