If you are new here, let me first give you a brief background. I started this blog, along with my shop, back in August 2015. The idea was to own and operate a shop with full control without going through a third party (like Etsy). That was my first goal, and White House Crafts was born.

Then I started blogging shortly after the shop was formed. I enjoy blogging for these reasons: a blog is a place where I can share my creative ideas, further to the products I sell, and not be limited to paper crafts. Not only does it allow me to share with others, but it's a visual record for me to remember the projects I've done in the past. A blog gives me the freedom to write what I like, as I've always loved sharing and writing. A blog let's me play more with my Canon DSLR camera, an old toy that's now become something that I've been investing in more and trying to learn better. A blog satisfies my visual creativity, by allowing me to create a custom site in the colours and fonts that I choose, and play around with form. Finally, a blog allows me to meet people with the same ideas, passions, and creative mind, that I wish to meet. This blog has become a huge part of my life, needless to say.

Inspiration for the blog comes from many different places, but like most bloggers as I've noticed, I follow the year (seasons and holidays). I also follow life, so a project can be based on the needs or wants for the home or for myself or for my family at any given time. I follow birthdays, so you'll get the odd post on gift wrap or gift giving any time of the year.

I mostly like to work with paper, and it could be because I have so much of it, more than anything else in my craft room. But I always had a huge paper crush too, and I'm hoping to use that to bring you more projects with paper in the future. But where do some of the ideas come from besides using the holidays or life or birthdays as an excuse to be creative? I share them below.



I'm the first to admit that I hate to admit that I use Pinterest sometimes to ignite the fire, and I think it's because we want our ideas to be original. However, even if you think your idea is original, chances are it's been done before (ugh). But that's why there's the word innovation in the English dictionary! I use Pinterest more as a tool to get me motivated when I'm in a creative slump. Then I see all the awesomeness out there, and it gets me excited to start working again.


Sometimes I will wander through a craft store for inspiration. Just seeing what's new, usually in the seasonal aisles that change a lot, could really help spark my imagination. Perhaps there's a new product I wanted to try. A craft store is a good reminder of that.


There are some magazines out there, like BHG'S DIY special issue, and a few others, that I sometimes like to browse through. Like Pinterest, they help me through moments when I'm stumped. I've always loved magazines though. I keep stacks of them, DIY or otherwise. Sometimes flipping through them, and seeing a new trendy colour, could be enough.


After I started this blog, I quickly discovered a few other craft and DIY blogs that I never even heard of, but liked instantly. I have never compared mine with theirs, but it's nice to see how we're different, even though we're the same (because we share the same passion for crafts and DIY). As long as they keep going, I keep going. It tells me that there are people out there that appreciate our work!


Our little girl is 3 now, but a few of the projects that I've shared have been for her. Let me be frank, if she didn't exist in my life, neither would have some of the posts that I've shared so far! She's also the reason why a huge part of this blog is dedicated to kid's crafts. Why not? I can see that continuing for a while.


Do you believe in luck? I'm not sure if I do, but this best describes this category when a thought or idea is formed just out of thin air. I could be driving, walking, watching TV (my mind sure wanders a lot then too), and suddenly I've this amazing idea for a project! I do find those to be the best though, because it's those projects that I feel are truly original. I didn't browse through magazine or Pinterest for the inspiration. Instead it just hits you like a ton of bricks.


So there you have it...if you've ever wondered where some of our ideas come from, or why as people we spend so much time behind a camera and in front of a laptop pouring our souls out. Of course, all of my explanations were brief, but you get the point.

Where do you find the inspiration to blog or follow your dreams? Do you ever find that after all your hard work, you feel stuck at times?



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